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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 21, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>pam: from the golden gate to silicon valley. >> it is incredible. >> the bay area is getting an unprecedented view of the space shuttle, endeavor. tonight, if you saw it did you will not forget it. if you missed it you are in for a treat. pictures from the california desert. live.
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>> it is officially on its way. >> if left edwards air force base. and the first was the state capital. >> and over the modified 747. they got there for flye. thousands of people in the bay area. it was a sight that people would never forget. we brought to these, live >> and there is. it is officially. >>pam: it began leaving airforce base the first destination was over the>> more live pictures over sacramento. on top of that modified 747. >>pam: after that first glimpse of the final flight.>> you can see of our sky>>pam: the big photo opportunity the golden gate bridge. >> look at that. >> look at that. >>pam: a huge swing over the east bay and between the towers. this time. more landmarks. kron 4 cameras watched as it passed over the transamerica pyramid and candlestick park. in mountain view a huge crowd
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gathered were these styles were developed at the space science center. >> they were here wanting to catch a piece of history. >>pam: there were not disappointed. >> >> there is. >> very cool. >> it was awesome! >> the final flight lookit down the final flight towards los angeles and touchdown at lax. the final will be on the ground and it will take up to 12 hours to the catch the shuttle. and it will be loaded onto a special truck to take to a for the final 12-miles. with the team coverage of the endeavor continues right now. >> a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with huge crowds gathered by the golden gate bridge to witness history. >> i am from st. louis and we heard about it from the paper and we got this will
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be exciting. >> a mixture of tourists and locals who wanted to see this on its final flight. they waited in may shore that their cameras were ready. and the shuttle began its approach. they waited and made sure that there cameras were ready. and it was on its jet escort. >> it is wonderful. it was exciting. >> it was cool. >> endeavor flew near alcatraz for a nother round near the bridge. >> you can fill the goosebumps. >> i thought it was really cool. i'm glad i skipped school for this. >> i had tears in my eyes it was so overwhelming. >> awesome. >> emotional moment with endeavor in san francisco,
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kron 4. >> this is what it looked like a round 7:30 as people started to line up on the pier of the embarcadero and guard to take part in this once-in-a-lifetime experience. >> all of the technology in the world cannot take away the magic of us getting people into space. i feel like i owe the tribute to the people in nasa. >> and it is not everyday that you can see a space ship take off. let alone in san francisco. >> as the morning unfolded at the moment everybody had been waiting for. and from this vantage point it briefly went by the bay bridge and it went behind treasure island. but ia and the shuttle came into clearer view. in san francisco, to recess-2, kron 4. >> why are you here?
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>> i am here to see the shuttle. i have my 64 x camera and my kodak camera. and that way, my wife is say that i'm not here just fishing. [laughter] >> i used to be in the airpar force. so it is amazing to see this just like nasa. since they have shut down a program like this it could be something that could be perhaps the last sighting of something like this. >> it is exciting. >> very exciting. i've never seen it take off from miami or anywhere else but i was thankful to see it here at the san francisco bay bridge. it is still exciting. again, amazing.
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>>reporter: haazig madyun kron 4. >> it is amazing to be able to see this and it was amazing. i do not know if i could ever see something like this again >>reporter: there were overcome with emotion. >> out side of moffett field. >> fabulous! my tax dollars hard at work. >> it was jammed walnut creek along the rooftop to witness history. >> a special day and fun to see the orbit come through and everybody to celebrate. that is what the program is all about. >> at 10:30 it appeared with everybody snapping pictures and they were waving farewell as a part of a
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victory lap for the space program. as it disappeared into the horizon and history. to be forgotten. >> it is great to make you feel like an american. >> people got what they came for. rob fladeboe, and moffett field, kron 4. >> fantastic images that they shared with us. this really gives you a sense of how large the shuttle is. and below. this next is from salsa lido. sausalito. before moving a round san francisco but look at how close it is to the tree line. there are just 1,500 ft. from the ground. and from the oakland hills. the san francisco skyline is in the background. a little bit hazy but you can see the
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skyline, the shuttle and look at this. the f 18 hornet. escorting it around the bay area. and this picture right here could be framed. right into the golden gate. you can see the cars. practically pulled over what is the site of a lifetime. >>pam: endeavour could be retired but it will remain in the spotlight. and southern california. grant? one >> it has touched down in los angeles the next will be lower to the ground and even more of a spectacle. in the middle of october it will make a 12 mi. trip to los angeles airport to the science center. it will become an exhibit. it will be on a mass of transport vehicles to the officials of reist power lines and cut down 400 trees. raising
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power lines. they are planting 1000 trees and replacement. and it will not be a quick trip. with one michael m.p.h. it is 12 mi. expected to take 12 miles only going 1-mile per hour. it will be a tourist destination. they can travel to the museum to see at october 30th at. >>jacqueline: temperatures were warmer. the inland valleys were in the upper valleys 80s in livermore, 87 and concord. and a santa rosa. in the south bay 70's. 76 in redwood city and 79 in redwood. from the bay bridge toll plaza still, clear skies. and this evening as we go towards tomorrow much of the same with a minimum
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fog along the coast. with 70's, 80's that low pressure system that is going to go over the bay area will stay to the north. a gorgeous weekend on tap. i will show you temperatures and your neighborhood, coming up. >>pam: developing tonight mitt romney is fund-raising in the bay area and obama supporters are making their point point, lovely. with a full report, coming up. loudly- [ female announcer ] with swiffer wet cleaning better doesn't have to take longer. i'm done.
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>>pam: mitt romney is in the bay area. >> prrs kron 615 friday evening on redington however, he is hearing chanting of supporters of all, at the strawberry hill at the stat the estate. they wee shuttled in. to see the former massachusetts gov.. >> i believe that he is the right person for the right time for our country this time a. say, for example if we have a chemical crisis i believe that he is best suited. >> he is a delicate and volunteering at the party. he is a delicate--and if he has a chance to speak he knows that he will say he is a delicate.
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>> about his capacity as a business person and somebody that can turn our ground people and products as his gun around in the olympics. and for many companies. >> people are paying as little as $1,000 to attend this court as many as $100,000. he has been here before and is hoping to take a big chunk of change with them as he gets closer to the november election. dan kerman, kron 4. >> mitt romney are arrived about 5: 30 his campaign ches wa at s f o. /+ and accompanying him was former secretary of state, george shultz. while california is considered a blue state,
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democratic his campaign has collected $17.5 million since 2011. those are coming from the federal election commission. and new tonight at 8:00 p.m. our team coverage continues. the . glyphdwith da lin. >> they have been waiting for mitt romney they have left but this is as close as police would allow the protesters to demonstrate. this is footage. the match romney caravaned driving past the protesters at 6:15 they were chanting " all, ". and they were holding up signs. chanting " obama " to. and i was asking but
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there were hoping to accomplish the want to send a message to mitt romney that he would not make a good president. >> he is a good man but i do not think that his beliefs or his plans would help this country at all. i think that would be a much worse shape. >> he supports a deregulation of industry and wall street. potential destabilization of the economy down the line. and i would impact me as a small business owner and as an individual. >> the protesters credit for about 1.5 hours to see him. they waited and they said that it was worth it. >> president obama will be fund-raising and about one week. he will be in san francisco at the civic auditorium in the civic center. tickets are ranging
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from $100, $75. there is no word on what other bay area event he has planned. this is his sixth event so far this year. grant lotus, kron 4. >> decision 2012 continues with medtronireleasing his 12,0- 2012 tax rate. paying 40 percent. $13.7 million much of that was from an earned investment. it is held in a blind trust. they also donated $4 million to charity. compare that to president obama and first lady. they paid 20.5%. on their charged return. pond
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nearly $800,000 from the presidential salary and to the book sales. they donated $172,000 to charity. >>jacqueline: temperatures for warmer today and it will continue forend. initially, this low area of pressure but now it is going to stay well to the north.
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elizabeth shue stars in this
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mystery. with this murder mystery. >> i am looking for this woman is she here? >> no ma'am. >> the house at the end of the street is rated pg " 13. >> current temperatures are pretty mild on the inland valleys. with 70's in antioch. for rest of the bay. it was warm today and the warmer weather continues. coming up.
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>> allegations of a recruiting violations at st. mary. we speak to kron 4. >> at that time of year when it me mosquito's are rabbits. and and the bay area coming up one mosquito it is been it-rampant-- >> 3, 2, 1! eighth (cheers & applause) is officially on the market. and on my tech report. the frenzy.
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fat (male announer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>pam: at 8:and 30 espn is
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reporting that the st. mary's basketball program is under investigation from the n.c.a.a. for possibly recruiting violations. tonight at 8:00 p.m. the college spoke with us. >> st. mary's college will not go into detail of allegations of recruiting violations but they are speaking to kron 4. >> st. mary's college and n.c.a.a. have been working cooperatively with the men's basketball program. >> the path oathletic program were not available for this report and did not comment on the espn report that named non-unnamed sources. david patrick has been interviewed by the n.c.a.a.. he left in 2010 he is now an assistant, and he was noticeably absent in the month of july of recording.
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if his absences were related to the recruiting violations or the reportedly back surgery. >> to respect the integrity of that process we have no further comment at this time. >> our phone calls were not answered in their office was closed. reporting, kron 4. >> the giants are just three victories away from clinching the national league west. tonight, the san diego padres. j.r. staffing. is live from at&t park. j. r. stone. >> they have had eight of the last 10 victories if it is exciting. as i see you can see. people are just still rolling. they will automatically get the n l
8:31 pm
west with three victories they are fired up. >> i think they could not go all the way from 2010. >> bold predictions that what had to do to get to get here. >> they called me from work and said that you can have the day off and i said let us go to the game. >> where do you work? >> our work at a surgery center. >> perhaps not as many people getting surgery. >> it sounds like a pretty good reason to come to a giant game. >> with the beasts. >> you know, these speeds who--i make sure that i will not lose these beads... and i think that it is worth it even though it is over my budget but they need to go all the way because i spent a lot of money. >> some people did not spend much at all. >> and i think that it is
8:32 pm
pretty much this is what i have. >> with one these socks? >> and my fans. >> and a giants jersey? >> i am a great fan. >> at at&t park the giants were losing to the padres 1- 0. and in september, that is a close game. and speaking with the with sports. reporting live, j.r. stone, kron 4. >>pam: at 8:00 p.m. it is still mosquito season and west nile is rampant. >> is that time of year with the weather is mild and people are out making the best of it but in san
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francisco yet they should pay attention. west nile has hit the city. >> it is kind of scary. >> a dead bird was found near the san francisco city main campus. but it tested positive for west nile virus. >> if we need to get through this semester and not have to worry about west nile virus. >> the doctor is leading him to believe that there is more of the virus in the city. >> we typically do not think of san francisco as a late lot of mosquito bites but it is still and a possibility. a , the biggest breeding ground is standing water. the utilities commission is riding around on bicycles. they will mark the curb for the treated locations. >> 26 of these that are around the city. we have an army of bike messengers to
8:34 pm
26,000 of these. if there is an herbicide that is applied to them. >> the public utilities has been treating drains year round cents a couple of years ago. that the bird is the third that is found positive in the past five years. in san francisco, kron 4. >>pam: at 8:00 p.m. a vacaville teenager has been charged with raping and stabbing and a 13 year-old who was found guilty. this was in december 2010. this was including iraq were committed mayhem, and assault with rape. is going to be sentenced with aggregated- rape.. he raped her, stabbed her and stepped the 18th month old brother. before he fell asleep. he is
8:35 pm
being tried as an adult. >>jacqueline: temperatures were warmer just as we expected. toasty. also 86 degrees in san rafael. 82 degrees in napa. temperatures stayed:this afternoon and warmer for the bayshore and the south bay. it looks like this warmer weather could stay. i will explain coming up. >>pam: to watch the blue angels during fleet week, tune into kron 4. fan tun tune in saturday.
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>> 3, 2, 1! (cheers & applause) >> the frenzy this morning at the apple eyeiphone store at the apple store at 8:00 a.m. at the chestnut store. many people were even camping out overnight. giant bubbles in san francisco with a self- proclaimed bubblesmith and this video it was 400 people for this store opened. it wrapped around the corner. and ordering it on line will take one a month or more and they did not want to light. this person was first in line. and the set up camp, last
8:39 pm
night. >> i tried to order it online and i ran into problems. and they were saying that it was the least one month out i did not want to keep coming out. >> this couple also camping out. >> i lost my phone at least one week ago. and the got the upgrade ike and return it but i have to get it because i am going to go on vacation. >> i am going to sell mine on craigslist. >> this person is trying to sell his spot in mind. he wanted $300. however, the offer was $150. >> and at won and the eighth person was sold to this chorused. $19 and 0. for this-chorused. i just got here at 7:00 p.m. for that chorused touris...
8:40 pm
>> my phone barely works. i could not wait. and talk about technology changing our lives. some people waited and this person already has a place and the line. he used a mobile application. >> we use a mobile application called task app with a one year old is worth more than a $55. which is the price for the application you get a confirmation and it will screen you. you will not could an up-charge card $55 with a guarantee. it is awesome! >> with dozens of apple employees were opening up the doors. and the first in line was showing this off to the media. >> it seems like a great phone. i knew it was going to be light, thin but it feels different. is pretty impressive design.
8:41 pm
>> kron 4. >> the cost can go well beyond the initial purchase finds that americans have spent $6 billion on the repairs since 2007. 30 percent have done some type of damage. the most common happen when it falls out of their hand or is in liquid. and in sports, buster posy gets a very special honor. gary radnich coming up and the '80s what have they done this season. with sports. and your e-mail a with fanlicia..
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>> dine and dish >> the old yankee pier is
8:44 pm
replaced by yard creek blue what happened to the kinky pier? >> this is totally remodeled. >> this fits in quite well. >> is half equip equipped t join the wonderful well- heeled shoppers. >> what is great is that what we bring to food is freshness. we fall from a local fish purveyors, local farmers and we want to provide the best ingredients, possible to reach every dish. >> like prime new-york stake. >> and we will get it on the grill and hot with the secret sauce. >> you are not going to tell
8:45 pm
me? >> i'm trying to keep you confused. >> with the bar. >> a wonderful program with wines by the class, beer, cocktails. the tomato salad, and salad and the angry lobster. to go to our website " dine and dish' >>jacqueline: that warming trend will continue. with a little bit of fog but mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the '70s and '80s. 70's, much of the same because that area of low pressure is sitting well to the north. it will continue to go to the north as we move towards the weekend. those sea breeze winds have shifted and how it is coming out of the north. it will keep the fog out. temperatures even
8:46 pm
in the 80s and sunnyvale, los gatos and 90 degrees in morgan hill. and we will see 87 degrees in concord. 90 in antioch. and near 80s in union city and fremont. '70s in oakland, berkeley. and along the coast 60s but this is the only place that we will see the 60s. 84 degrees expected in santa rosa, and a look at your extended forecast with warmer weather this weekend. as we track it over to the north and instead of the bay area. those sea breezes will return with cooler temperatures. >> gary pretty thing, everybody they did practically everything but.
8:47 pm
. c c from vallejo they could not get a run and when i said they could not get anything. this team is having a sensational season. parker is great. going eight innings the yankees are getting ready to wrap it up. with two outs, the a's brand in moscow hit a home run. brandon-hit a home run. and russell off of two little. the doolittle knew right away. two-one. he gave it a great effort. the post season and the a's are 04 games leading the angels. they will truly collapse it is a difficult road trip. the have a little bit of a
8:48 pm
cushion. the giants, 1-1 and the filt fifth inning. and cabrera. everybody is speculating about the official word came down that carrara said i do not want to be the batting championship said cabrera. he was suspended and he said that he did not deserve it. however, there is nothing in the rule books. however, it is still kind of funny. and they to not want to feel that it will benefit society. the word is that he might want to come back with the giants. horse or say that perhaps i-or if he said that he made a mistake and he has some moral character. or he does not have a bonus in his contract. with
8:49 pm
$50,000-$75,000 bonus. >> you never know. the most what gets me is that these guys have written out so beautifully. in these announcements it is as if hemingway wrote this. [laughter] >> and do you know what i am saying? he apologized. >> and if he is saying that he did not get caught. >> even though you are young you are still looking through the world with skeptical eyes for the let us get real! >> get real, gary. >> buster posy. getting and honor. and usually if your team and bthe most valuable player but this came for the most inspirational player award. if you remember from last season. that sixth month after that serious injuries. there is he is.
8:50 pm
some of those previous winners. >> i want to start by thanking my teammates. coaches, training staff and of course, you the fans for voting for me. it just to have my mentioned named. with the previous winners having my name mentioned it means a great deal to me. thank you. >> the giants are tied with the padres, one-1. and st. mary's it has been a beacon of respect. randy bennett, his program is under investigation from the n.c.a.a. for possibly recruiting violations. and we have a lot of players. that have come over from australia of and they are getting questioned. tiger questioned and toughmcelvoy outside of atlanta of. tiger
8:51 pm
woods. a decent round yesterday. but he is sixth behind with furyk and mcel roy and four back behind furyk and who is the best coach? jim harbaugh? and a few more. difficult questions that will cause me to perspire. >> and if you break a sweat? never! [laughter] >> and they will tell you that i am loud but at home i am just making people happy. surf is our heads over the properties neighbor? >> are the dogs staying in our yard? the miami nosy, nervous neighbor of what our neighbors to be happy. for
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>> i am sometimes nosy, and i want to make sure to our neighbors are happy. >> are you ready? >> yes. >> you can babysit my dog. [laughter] >> and remember, we will be back. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
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